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A Real All-in-One Product

Pierre d’Argent

It cleans, polishes, revives and protects. Pierre d’Argent® will also leave a thin protective layer to prevent dirt from coming back. With our white cleaning stone, we provide you a real ecological alternative to chemical products of the store!

Made of 99% natural ingredients, it is harmless for you and the environment. You can use it indoors as well as outdoors. Pierre d’Argent® is ECOCERT certified and has been awarded the Best Ecological Product 2023.

Wet a Sponge
Rub it on Pierre d’Argent
Make It Foam
Use the Foam to Clean Everything
Wipe w/ a Clean & Dry Towel

The Possibilities of Usage are Countless

Make foam and rub on any surface. It simply cleans just about everything! It makes sinks, taps, tiles and ceramics shine and sparkle like new.

It’s not only effective, but also economical. One tub of Pierre d’Argent lasts much longer than any liquid cleaning products. It will save you time, space, and of course, lots of money!

Completely Safe

Cleans stove tops, refrigerators, microwave ovens, stainless steel appliances, pots & pans, silverware, countertops, floor tiles and tiling joints.

Useful & Effective

Works great on bathrooms, PVC garden furniture, blinds & shades, windows, porches, sneakers, BBQ grills, wheel rims, boats & RVs.

Where to Use It?

You have endless possibilities to use Pierre dArgent®!

Especially useful and effective on metals: chrome, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, gold … It also does wonders on ceramic hobs and induction plates.

This natural cleaner can be used in the kitchen and the bathroom; on floors, windows, tile joints, cars, PVC garden furniture … Inside as well as outside, it is the perfect product to clean everything, and it definitely will replace a lot of other chemical cleaners that have limited uses.


Pierre d’Argent guarantees a brilliant shine in your bathroom. It is ideal to descale bathrooms, cleaning worktops and bringing your tile joints back to life.


Pierre d’Argent® is ideal to clean any kitchen surface: sink, work surface, hood, etc.

Cooktop, Stovetop, Hobs & Hoods

Its cleaning and degreasing properties are ideal to remove water marks, grease and stubborn dirt from glass-ceramic or induction cooktops. Pierre d’Argent® is also very effective to clean hoods.

Office Leather Chair

Your office leather chair looks old and used? Clean and revive it with our authentical Pierre d’Argent®!


Pierre d’Argent® can also be used to revive the shine of your jewelry. Silver, gold or other metals, it will clean and polish them gently, without scratching them!

Sneakers & Shoes

You want to make your shoes look fresh and white again? Whether they are made of leather or fabric, Pierre d’Argent® will be your ally.

Car Wheel Rims

Pierre d’Argent® can be used to clean, polish and protect car rims. Practical, ecological and does not scratch!

Garden Furniture

Thanks to Pierre d’Argent®, give new life to your PVC outdoor furniture. They will quickly regain their original whiteness and shine!

Tile Joints

Restore the whiteness of your tile joints, whether it is in your kitchen, in the bathroom, or your tiled floors. Using a joint brush or simply a wet toothbrush, rub our white stone and apply the product to the joints.