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Award-Winning Cleaner

Pierre d’Argent

The authenticity and sustainability of Pierre d’Argent has been recognized by numerous organizations. It is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly with high cleaning performances.

Certified by ECOCERT since 2013, it also has been awarded as the Best Ecological Product by Bio A La Une in 2023 and Ethical Style Product by Ambiente in 2023.


Since 2013, Pierre d’Argent® is ECOCERT certified.

ECOCERT is a certification body for organic and sustainable practices. Its mission is to grant certification to manufacturers who are committed to an eco-responsible approach and who make their products conscientiously, while respecting the environment.

This is the case with our iconic solid cleaner, which is made up 99% of natural ingredients and contains neither phosphates, nor chemicals and is fully biodegradable.

Best Ecological Product

Pierre d’Argent® has been elected Best Ecological Product 2023! In fact, it came first in its category with a score of 18.15/20.

Since 2012, Best Eco Product is a well-known and cherished trophy in the biological market. Every year, this distinction rewards the best organic and ecological products in France, assessed by a panel of consumers. This award is well-known in the organic sector for its seriousness, reliability and the testing in real situations by external people.

This label therefore honors the effectiveness and ecological character of our iconic Pierre d’Argent® but above all, the satisfaction of our customers.

Made in France
Made in France
Ethical Style
Bio a la Une
Responsible Care
Responsible Care